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  • What makeup do you use?
    - A full range of professional brands - MAC, Atelier, Laura Mercier, Proof, Latonas, Kett and some of the top end of the normal brands.

  • What Style of Makeup?
    - As the team are fully trained in all areas of makeup, we can do anything that you ask. But we do specialise in natural looking makeup. We don't cake it on, there is absolutely no need for that . We just make you flawless, and enhance what you already have.

    <li>How long will the makeup last?
    - All day and all night if it is looked after
    (ie no rubbing and scrubbing!) The only thing you will need to touch up is your lipstick - and we can provide that for you.

  • What is airbrushing and can we do it?
    - Yes we do airbrush makeup, but it needs to be specifically requested. Airbrushing was originally used for problem skin eg: scarring or acne. It does last a little longer than conventional makeup, but it is more expensive.

  • I have a friend who does makeup really well, can you do just hair?
    - Yes we can - make sure that the friend knows about the difference between normal makeup and makeup that is good for photographs and for long wear with out being thick and heavy. You pay a lot of money for your photographer but they only take the photos of what they have in front of them. Is it really worth saving a small amount of money to ruin thousands of dollars of photos?

  • Can you use my makeup?
    - No, unless you have some skin disorder or super sensitivity.
  • Why?
    A) Most people don't use professional grade makeup; foundations are usually the wrong colour for them (tested on jaw line not matched to chest). Remember the photos we have all seen with white faces due to incorrect makeup!
    B) A lot of people believe they are allergic to makeup, but this is rarely the case. It is mainly due to cheap cosmetics. Good quality cosmetics don't usually cause reactions in people as the ingredients are of a high quality.
    C) Hygiene.

  • What do I need to do to prepare my face?
    - I usually recommend NOTHING different if they have good skin, otherwise, start about 3 months before the wedding with a good cleanse, tone and moisturise everyday, plus exfoliate at least once a week. Check with a good beautician for products.

  • How long does it take?
    -Approx. 30 mins for just makeup / 45mins for just hair / about 1 1/2hrs for both.
    Times can be reduced by sending out more than one person (no extra cost to client) for bookings of 5 or more people or early weddings.

  • Where do you travel to?
    - Basically anywhere in Melbourne including Mornington Peninsula and Westernport Bay, the Yarra Valley, the Dandenongs and surrounds.
    - We will travel to country areas, but there will be travel fee to cover costs (Petrol and E-Tag)

  • Do I have to have a trial?
    - Not absolutely necessary, but HIGHLY recommended.
  • Why?
    - To make sure that you know what you are getting on the day and that you are happy with what we do, and also so we know what we are doing on the day. This avoids delays that can make you very late on your wedding day! You wouldn't hire a photographer without looking at his work first - same thing.

    <li>Do you send the same person on the day that we had on the trial?
    - Absolutely! No two artists can do the same thing. However, in case of an emergency, we take photographs and notes at the trial. If someone does need to fill in they know what was done at the trail.

  • Do you require a deposit?
    - We do require a deposit to hold your date. The deposit is not taken until the trial. As the deposit is non refundable we don't like to take one until we know you are happy with us!

  • What forms of payments do you accept?
    - On the day of the trial we accept cash or cheque. Up to 5 days before the wedding we accept cheques or direct deposit. On the day we only accept cash.

  • Do you charge a travel fee?
    - We don't charge any travel fees to most areas unless there is extended travel involved. We then ask that the cost of petrol and any e-Tag fees be covered. Please call if you live in the Western / Northern Suburbs or country areas to clarify if there are any travel fees involved.
    If you are staying at a hotel or somewhere that requires us to pay for parking, we also ask that this fee be covered.